When you joined us as a new Inspector, my first impression was that you were a naive little girl who couldn't possibly be fit for the job. [...] But in fact, I've never been further from the truth. I'm sure of that now. I'd trust you with my life, Inspector Tsunemori

— Yayoi Kunizuka to Tsunemori in Blood-Stained Reward

Yayoi Kunizuka


Yayoi 2

Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Kunizuka Yayoi
Kanji Name
六合塚 弥生
Date of Birth
September 28, 2090
5'7" (170 cm)
114 lbs (52 kg)
Blood Type
Public Safety Bureau


Singer (former)
Morihiro Kunizuka (father)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Anime Debut
0101 Crime Coefficient
Shizuka Itō
Lindsay Seidel

Yayoi Kunizuka is an Enforcer in Division 1 of the MWPSB. She is a specialist at controlling robots and can usually be seen directing drones for the team.[1]


Kunizuka has blue eyes, long black hair which she always keeps in a ponytail, and is of a tall slender build. She is usually seen wearing a black coat over her black suit. Kunizuka almost always has a serious expression on her face.[2]

During holidays and days off she wears casual wear and often parkas.[3]


Kunizuka has a cool and calm personality, preferring to spend her free time reading or doing something educational. She can keep her head even under the toughest situations and rarely displays emotion. However, this doesn't mean that she's a heartless person, as she can be seen behaving compassionately on occasion, for example she comforted a grieving Shimotsuki[4] or appeared visibly upset at not being able to find a missing colleague.


Kunizuka was born in Tokyo to Morihiro Kunizuka and his unnamed wife.

She starts playing guitar when she is nine years old because of her father.

Kunizuka Takizaki 1

Takizaki painting Kunizuka's nails (in 0112 Devil's Crossroad).

Before becoming an Enforcer, Kunizuka is a musician with a Sibyl-authorized punk rock band named Amalgam. She begins to hang out with Rina Takizaki, a member of a non-Sibyl-authorized band. Takizaki possesses a rebellious personality and her band is anarchistic in nature, thus causing Kunizuka's Hue to darken through association. When flagged, she is captured and confined to the Rehabilitation Center, but the maddening boredom of the place only aggravates her further, along with the fact that whenever she requests new guitar strings, she is denied and has to resubmit her application. Eventually, Inspector Kogami hears of her plight and tries to persuade Kunizuka to join the MWPSB. Initially, she refuses, but lured by the possibility of seeing Takizaki once more, she accepts Kogami's offer.

Kunizuka Takizaki 2

Kunizuka couldn't shoot Takizaki (still in 0112 Devil's Crossroad).

She tags along on a mission, going with Division 1 to a club in an attempt to locate the members of an anarchy-espousing group preaching revolution against the Sibyl System. Takazaki is revealed to be a member of this group and though Kunizuka tries to talk her out of doing something so dangerous and potentially futile, Takizaki doesn't listen. As she walks away, Kunizuka tries to shoot her, but the Dominator issued to her by Kogami refuses to fire because Kunizuka is not yet its registered user. Takazaki escapes and Kunizuka is emotionally devastated. She then agrees to become an Enforcer in the hope of finding Takizaki again one day and finishing their business.[5]

Personal Background

Emergency Contact Information

Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Kita Seijou 1-3-G
Morihiro Kunizuka (relation: father)


March 2106 ‒ Graduates from Seijou Secondary School, Art Course
April 2106 ‒ Qualifies as a Sibyl-approved artist

Work History

May 2106 ‒ Debuts in the band Amalgam under Oriental World company
September 2108 ‒ Is removed from the Sibyl-approved artist list due to a deteriorating Psycho-Pass
October 2108 ‒ Enters Hikari no Sono Rehabilitation Center in Tama district
April 2109 ‒ Leaves Rehabilitation Center[5]
May 2109 ‒ Assigns to MWPSB, Division 1 as an Enforcer


August 2106 ‒ Obtains Driver's License for Regular Motorcar Type I


Shion Karanomori

Karanomori is Kunizuka's lover[6] and, in fact, initiates their relationship when Kunizuka first joins Division 1. The two are often seen together and know each other quite well.[7][8] As Karanomori is bisexual and frequently flirts with Kogami, Kunizuka often feels insecure, doubting whether they can be together for long.[3]

Shusei Kagari

Kagari often jokes with Kunizuka and thinks of her as "quite fearful". The two are often teamed with Inspector Ginoza on the field.[2][9][10][11][12][12] Though they are of the same age, Kunizuka sees Kagari as a younger brother (it is shown by the way she speaks to him[2][11] and by the fact that we saw her strike him on the head (using a score book) stopping him from teasing Tsunemori).[7]

Rina Takizaki

Takazaki is Kunizuka's ex-girlfriend.[3] The two share the same interest in music and support one another. Takizaki joins the protests against the Sibyl System when Kunizuka is sent to the isolation facility. When the two finally meet up after that, they show divergence in their beliefs. This decides the matter for Kunizuka, who then becomes an Enforcer.[5]

Akane Tsunemori

Kunizuka initially believes that Tsunemori will fail in her role as Inspector due to her early naivety and ideals, even admitting this to Tsunemori.[13] But Tsunemori's actions over time persuade Kunizuka to trust Tsunemori and is now a supportive member of Tsunemori's team. Later, she plays the role of the safety valve between Mika Shimotsuki and Tsunemori.[14]

Nobuchika Ginoza

Ginoza is her former supervisor. When he's still an Inspector, she works with him while he sends Masaoka to work with Tsunemori.[2][9][10][11][12] While working as Enforcers, they seem to develop a friendship, as evidenced by Kunizuka defending Ginoza in front of Shimotsuki.[15]

Mika Shimotsuki

Shimotsuki is Ginoza's replacement as Division 1 Inspector.[6] While Shimotsuki looks down on Enforcers with contempt, she is more lenient with Kunizuka,[16][15][17] stemming from the time when the latter comforted her following the discovery that two of her school friends were killed by their fellow classmate Rikako Oryo.[4] As such Kunizuka acts as a mediator between Shimotsuki and the rest of Division 1.[14]


  • Kunizuka's ID as an Enforcer is 00475-AEST-17855-2.[5][18]
  • Kunizuka is good at playing table tennis.
  • Her hobbies include watching musical performances and listening to music.[7]
  • Her motto is "Do not make trouble for others."
  • Her favorite saying is "Punk is attitude, not style" by Joe Strummer.
  • Her favorite item in her room is her Ombre Rose perfume.
  • She and Shion wear the same perfume.
  • The nail polish she uses is Anna Sui.
  • Kunizuka's favorite food is Cup udon and her least favorite is Hanpen fish cake.
  • Her strength is unwavering resolution and her weakness not knowing how to talk to female friends.
  • Her desired item used to be cute at-home clothes, but now it's the newest SANSUI speaker system.
  • She has a lot of casual clothes for when she's off-duty, but she often wears hoodies.
  • She sleeps around seven hours per day.
  • Her favorite authors are Kaho Nakayama and Rieko Matsuura.
  • Her favorite book is Kaho Nakayama's Sentimental Education because it illustrates the difficulty of same sex marriage during the old time when it was illegal.
  • Kunizuka likes English tea.
  • Karanomori helps her with her "beauty treatment".
  • Hairstyle she wants to do once is a Mohawk haircut.
  • Kunizuka's favorite type of girl is "A person who has a sense of inspiration".
  • Her favorite part of Shion's personality is her straightforwardness, while the part she dislikes is her stubbornness.
  • She wears skirts once in a while.
  • She is designated as Hound 2, as an Enforcer.
  • Despite commenting that the men of Division 1 are "not fit for this era",[6] she actually cares about the men who die and/or escape.[3]



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