It's said that God created man in his own image. Isn't it about time for us humans to become a little more like God? [...] For example, take yourself. You're quite the cyborg too. [...] You do, however, carry some form of portable information terminal, am I right? [...] A costume device, too? [...] And at home, you probably have home automation and an AI secretary. [...] What would happen to you if all the data in those devices was lost due to some kind of disaster or accident? [...] When you entrust so much of your everyday life to those electronic devices, the argument that you're not a cyborg isn't very convincing. To you, those portable terminals are already your second brain. Isn't that right? It can be said that the history of science is a history of the expansion of the human body's functionality. In other words, the history of man's cyberization.

—Senguji during an interview in Fruit of Paradise

Toyohisa Senguji
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Senguji Toyohisa
Kanji Name
泉宮寺 豊久
Date of Birth
December 25, 2002
Blood Type
Shogo Makishima (former)


Criminal (former)
Chairman of Teito Network Construction Corporation (former)
Soldier (former)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
0107 The Language of the Chinese Orchid
Katsumi Chō
Charlie Campbell

Toyohisa Senguji is a cyborg who works under Shogo Makishima until he is killed by Shinya Kogami during one of his fox hunts.


Senguji has the appearance of a man in his senior years. His brown hair is neatly slicked back, and he has green eyes that do not blink and are always wide open. Even though he may not look like it at first, Senguji is 90% robot, with the only parts that are still human being his nervous system and his brain.[1] As a public figure, he usually wears formal clothing. However, when he is with Makishima, he wears more casual clothing. When he is on one of his "fox hunts" he wears his woodsman gear, with his ever-present break-action shotgun as his weapon of choice.


Senguji's personality in one word would be a sociopath. He has no regard for human life, and cures his boredom by staging "fox hunts" in which he is the hunter hunting his prey, along with his two hunting robot dogs. He also likes to keep trophies of his hunts, as seen when he makes a whole pipe collection out of Rikako Oryo's bones.[2]

Senguji believes that people should be more enthusiastic about becoming a cyborg in order to attain immortality, and uses the fact that humans can't survive without technology to justify his claims. In fact, he states in one conversation with Makishima that part of his reason for hunting people is to keep his mind ready until a procedure that will cyberize his mind is discovered. Despite his views of immortality he does not fear death. In fact, quite the opposite. Senguji enjoys putting his life in danger and gets off on the thrill of knowing he could die at any minute. When he sees the shot that will deliver his death approaching, he welcomes it with a big smile on his face.

Even though Senguji and Makishima might seem on equal footing in terms of their ranks, that is not the case. They enjoy talking to each other about different topics when they occasionally meet and speak with each other in a casual manner. Makishima is still the ring leader of his group, controlling and telling his people what to do and how to do it. Senguji seems to know that he is just another pawn in Makishima's game of chess; however, he doesn't mind this at all.


Around 2102, Senguji meets Makishima and becomes his main source of funding for the next decade. Also he has spent decades to built his underground "fox hunt" field by altering the government's maps and letting drones do the digging.[3]


  • His construction company built many important places in the country, including the NONA Tower.
  • Senguji's dogs are named after great novelists; the black dog being named Lovecraft and the red dog being named Kafka.[3]
  • He could avoid the regular Crime Coefficient checks because of his high position and importance.




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