Table Legend

  • Date: formatted in
  • Event Description: Description of event
  • Source medium: to source the event as portrayed in a specific medium.
    • Manga (indicate title)
    • Profiling book
    • Anime (indicate if Season 1, 2 or Movie)
    • Drama CD
    • Game (indicate game title)
  • Types: Type of event indicated
    • Character - <insert character name> : Birthdate, deathdate, assignment, imprisonment, release, etc. involving only one character.
    • Plot : Interactions, incidents, conflicts, crimes involving more than one character.
    • History : Incidents involving innumerable amounts of people.
  • Notes: for additional notes.

Timeline Table

Date Event Description Source Medium Type Notes
2030-2049 The first version of the Sybil System is introduced Profiling Book History
2058.06.27 Tomomi Masaoka is born. Profiling Book Character - Tomomi Masaoka
2070.10.29 Choe Gu-Sung is born. Profiling Book Character - Choe Gu-Sung
2099.05 184 die in plane crash at Mount Kumataka. Psycho Pass Season 2 Plot
2104.10 Ginoza, Kougami and Aoyanagi are assigned as CID Inspectors Profiling Book
2109.11.05 Ryoji Hashida's body is found Plot Specimen Case
2109.11.25 "Princess"'s body is found Plot Specimen Case
2110.01.11 Abele Altoromagi's body is found Plot Specimen Case
2110.01.12 Mitsuru Sasayama goes missing Plot
2110.01.15 Mitsuru Sasayama is found dead Plot Specimen Case
2110.02 Kougami Shinya leaves due to Psychopass deterioration Profiling Book Character- Shinya Kougami
2110.03 Joshu Kasei declares the Specimen Case closed, unsolved. Specimen Case
2110.04 Kougami Shiya is reassigned as an enforcer Profiling Book Character- Shinya Kougami
2112.11.05 Akanes first field assignment with Masaoka Psycho Pass Season 1 Plot Takes place during 0102
2113.02 Hyper Oats incident Psycho Pass Season 1 Plot Takes place during 0120-0122
2114.10.20 Mizue Shisui goes missing Psycho Pass Season 2 First ep of season 2
2114.11.08 Koki Mima takes a medical center hostage Psycho Pass Season 2 Aoyanagi's death
2114.11.15 Hungry Chicken incident Psycho Pass Season 2
2116.07 SEAUn exports the Sybil System to Shambala Float Psycho Pass Movie Plot

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