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The Dominator

Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System or the 45MW.TRG Dominator is the iconic handgun carried by enlisted Inspection and Enforcement officers. The gun is able to determine the identity of its holder, and requires authentication and wireless connection to the Sibyl System in order to operate. Also, each individual gun can only be heard by the user currently registered to it.

When the Dominator is aimed at a target, it continuously reads and sends psychological data (psycho-pass) about the person on which it is focused to the Sibyl System for calculation. When this value exceeds a certain level (indicating that the target is mentally unstable and more likely to commit a violent crime), the gun will be able to fire. If the level does not exceed fixed levels, the muzzle will not open and a safety device will be activated to prevent the user from pulling the gun's trigger. The gun is unable to work when it is not linked wireless to the Sibyl System in most circumstances.

Before the gun fires, the muzzle opens up to reveal a complicated mechanism inside, part of which is used to read the suspect's criminality. When the gun does fire, it lets out a bullet the color of sky blue. It is voiced by Noriko Hidaka. The gun has three modes: Non-Lethal Paralyser, Lethal Eliminator, and Destroy Decomposer.


Non-Lethal ParalyserEdit


The Dominator in Inactive/Non-Lethal Paralyzer Mode

The Dominator's standard mode fires energy bursts that paralyze the target. The gun does not need to transform for this mode. It is used to capture suspects in order to safely bring them into custody. The effect may be reduced or negated if the target is under the influence of strong stimulants.

The trigger of the gun is locked by default until the onboard-scanner identifies a person with a Crime Coefficient that exceeds 100 points in front of the muzzle and a registered and authorised user on the grip. This is to guarantee that there are no innocent victims and to prevent abuse.

Lethal EliminatorEdit


Lethal Eliminator, after firing.

The anti-person lethal mode of the Dominator. When it changes to this state, the upper portion of the gun undergoes a rather elaborate transformation which includes swiveling, sliding and flipping around most parts while the gun tells its user to what mode it changes. It takes somewhere between two and four seconds.

In this mode the weapon will shoot a huge burst of energy; which, upon contact with the target, causes severe tissue damage. This affects organic and inorganic matter (and most probably everything else in the universe). The effects of the impact follow basically this scenario: in humans, the blast hits the body and everything behind the impact gets internally shredded, boiled, bubbly, expanded, liquified, and then bursts open like a (for lack of a better word) piñata. The whole process takes about 2 seconds and looks every bit as nasty as it sounds. What remains is mostly a corpse with a one-and-a-half foot hole (or bigger) in it and a spray of fine red mist.

It's usually fairly lethal - hence the name.

Being shot in a limb while the gun is in this mode will often leave the target alive, albeit severely injured (read: loss of the limb in question).

Use of the Lethal Eliminator mode is restricted to individuals whose Crime Coefficient exceeds 300 points. Once the Dominator has transformed it will only revert to its non-lethal mode when unhanded, a few seconds after the last threat disappears one way or the other from the sensor's field of view, or when the Sibyl System decides the wielder is not authorised, not sufficiently qualified, or too cloudy to use the weapon (although when this happens it results usually in a person-specific complete lockout, until permission is granted again from above).

Destroy DecomposerEdit

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 1.19.32 AM

Destroy Decomposer, before firing.

The Dominator's Anti-Material mode. This setting provides the user with a literal hand-cannon blast of three to six feet diameter, intended to deal with armored targets like the ever-present drones, and possibly to create entry points into buildings. However, the Destroy Decomposer also works splendidly on organic material, leaving not half a trace of it behind.


  • The size of the holes left by the Dominator vary greatly, even within the same "mode". One possible explanation might be that it's equipped with a focus function to optimize the spread.
  • Dominators, when fully charged, can fire four shots.
  • For the people in the era, to kill with a Dominator is to kill under the judgement of the society; the responsibility, thus, falls onto Sibyl. However, if an individual kills another without the use of a Dominator, it means that person himself is a killer.
  • Dominators fire electromagnetic waves.

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