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Season One of Psycho-Pass tells the story of the newly-minted MWPSB Inspector Akane Tsunemori. Along with Division 1, under the authority of Nobuchika Ginoza, she learns about fieldwork, human nature, criminality and the way of the world beneath the strict rule of the Sibyl System.

Behind the Scenes


Poster with Akira Amano's character design

Japanese cast:


  1. Crime Coefficient
  2. Those Capable
  3. Rearing Conventions
  4. Nobody Knows Your Mask
  5. Nobody Knows Your Face
  6. Return of the Lunatic Prince
  7. The Language of the Chinese Orchid
  8. And Then, Silence
  9. Fruit of Paradise
  10. Methuselah's Game
  11. Saint's Supper
  12. Crossroad of the Devil
  13. Invitation from the Abyss
  14. Sweet Poison
  15. The Town Where Sulfur Falls
  16. The Gates of Judgment
  17. Heart of Iron
  18. Promises Written in Water
  19. Transparent Shadow
  20. The Place Where Justice is Found
  21. Blood-Stained Reward
  22. Perfect World

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