Don't make me laugh. Both you and I are trash who simply envy the happiness others have.

—Shusei Kagari to Gu-sung Choe in The Gates of Judgment

Shusei Kagari
Kagari 1
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Kagari Shusei
Kanji Name
縢 秀星
Date of Birth
December 3, 2090
165 cm 5'5" (165 cm)
117 lbs (53 kg)
Blood Type
Public Safety Bureau (former)


Enforcer (former)
Masanori Kagari (father)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Anime Debut
0101 Crime Coefficient
Akira Ishida
Scott Freeman

Shusei Kagari is an Enforcer at the MWPSB's Division 1.


Kagari is a short young man with brown eyes and short spiky orange hair, held to the side by four teal barrettes. His outfit consists of mostly black: a black jacket with rolled-up sleeves, a black shirt beneath, a red tie and black pants with two white belts. When in the field, he wears a blue windbreaker over his jacket.


Kagari is the jokester of the group and teases people on a regular basis. He enjoys portable video games and spends most of his free time playing them. He is easygoing and takes things in stride. On the job, however, he is more serious but, even then, he still maintains an air of carefree recklessness.

Despite being one of the nicest members of the team, he is also one of the most ruthless. Kagari despises the Sibyl System and the people who originally locked him away, claiming that he was glad when he heard that the people who had treated him like scum were killing one another. This is due to the fact that he has never actually felt any inclination to commit any crimes, despite the fact that he was registered as a latent criminal at the age of five, making him essentially a sacrifice made in the name of society.

Kagari makes it clear that he only works as an Enforcer because there are no other options open to him, and he is apathetic to the safety of the town's citizens and also doesn't mind the destruction of the Sibyl System. However, Kagari makes it clear that he hates Makishima, just as much as Sibyl, for his manipulation of others and genuinely wants to kill him for his crimes.

Kagari also hates people who take their freedom for granted, an attitude generated by his own exclusion from society. Still, even as an adult, Kagari enjoys playing video games[1] and eating sweets[2].


Kagari was born in Tokyo to Masanori Kagari and his unnamed wife.


Kagari in the isolation facility.

At the age of five he is flagged by a Psycho-Pass screening during the Ministry's Medical Examination for five-year-old children, resulting in him being labeled a latent criminal with a "a zero percent possibility" for rehabilitation. Left with only the job as an Enforcer with the MWPSB available to him, Kagari decides to join in 2111 to be used as a public hunting dog for assassination jobs instead of living forever in an isolated facility.[1][3]

On December 2097, while in the Rehabilitation Center, Kagari befriends a child whose name he never knows. They play games across the corridor between their cells by lip reading. The boy later tries to flee and is killed during the attempt.[4]

Personal Background

Emergency Contact Information

Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho B-5-14
Masanori Kagari (relation: father)

Work History

April 2096 ‒ Judged as a latent criminal during the Ministry's Medical Examination for five-year-old children; enters Rehabilitation Center in Hachiouji district
March 2103 ‒ Passes the secondary level knowledge test
August 2110 ‒ Leaves the Rehabilitation Center in Hachiouji district
October 2110 ‒ Assignment to the MWPSB, Division 1 as an Enforcer




Akane Tsunemori

Unlike Ginoza, his relationship with Akane is a friendly one as he calls her with her first name, Kagari also expresses his joy after seeing her the first time, stating that it's glad that he's working with a cute girl, Akane on the other hand was angered and saddened after hearing his death.

Shinya Kogami

After Kagari becomes an Enforcer, he plans to take on the strongest person there who ends up being Kogami. Their fight ends in Kagari having a broken arm and Kogami having some broken ribs. However, after their fight and a short conversation, they become friends.[5][6]

Yayoi Kunizuka

He and Yayoi had a good relationship and Yayoi sees him as a little brother


  • Kagari's ID as an Enforcer is 00475-AEQY-57889-2.[7]
  • His hobbies are cooking and the maintenance of analog games in his room.
  • The handheld he plays most resembles a PlayStation Portable.
  • Kagari can play soccer well.
  • He likes all food except kiwi and spicy food.
  • He can't take spicy food very well, even fainting because of Tsunemori's far too spicy curry.[8]
  • His strength is cooking and gaming; his weaknesses being women, alcohol, special programs like those tear-jerking videos and paperwork. His best dish is taco rice with fried eggs.
  • Kagari sleeps around six hours per day.
  • His motto is "Whatever you do, you have to enjoy the process."
  • His favorite saying is "Life is just killing time until our death."
  • He doesn't have any favorite authors because he only reads manga e-books.
  • Kagari likes old shounen manga like the ones in Jump. His favorite manga is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure because he wishes he had a special power like Stand or Hamon.
  • He prefers playing first-person shooters or fantasy RPGs, virtual fighting with Kogami and hidden adult-rated games.
  • His favorite movie is Star Wars, though he has only seen the CGI version (Star Wars: The Clone Wars).
  • Kagari thinks that Michael Bay is the the best director in history because he loves filming explosions.
  • He is designated as Hound 4, as an Enforcer.
  • While he and Kunizuka share the same birth year, Kagari is still 21 in November 2112.
  • According to Kogami, Kagari is strong, but lacks technique in the martial arts.
  • During a little party of Division 1, Kagari realizes that this is the place he belongs to.[5]
  • His barrettes are arranged into the roman numerals for 12, which in tarot cards refers to the Hanged Man.
  • Kagari bears a resemblance to Ken Joshima of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang, a character from Akira Amano's other work Katekyo Hitman REBORN!.




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