Risa Aoyanagi

Aoyanagi TV 1


Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Aoyanagi Risa
Kanji Name
青柳 璃彩
Date of Birth
December 9, 2084
5'8" (172 cm)
123 lbs (56.1 kg)
Blood Type
Public Safety Bureau (former)


Inspector (former)
Takeshi Aoyanagi (father)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
0115 The Town Where Sulfur Falls
Masumi Asano (浅野 真澄)
Colleen Clinkenbeard

Risa Aoyanagi is the highest ranking Inspector of the MWPSB's Division 2.


Aoyanagi has brown hair and brown eyes. She is thin and tall, with a curvaceous figure and a beauty spot under one eye.


Aoyanagi is restrained and capable, with a mature smile on her face and a somewhat soft heart. She possesses a strong sense of justice and desire to protect civilians from criminals by any means necessary even when she's injured and disadvantaged. Firmly believing in the Sibyl System and its judgments, she breaks down when seeing criminals showing a low Crime Coefficient. She also has a playful side and likes to play games.[1]


She enters the Public Safety Bureau in October 2104 at the same time as Ginoza and Kogami.

Personal Background


Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Fukagawa, 2-103

Emergency Contact Information

Tokyo-to, Kokubunji-shi, Minamimachi, 4-6
Takeshi Aoyanagi (relation: father)


March 2100 – Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Daichi Junior High School (general education curriculum)
April 2100 – Entered Private Inada Academy of Higher Education, Faculty of Information Engineering, Major in Electronic Information Engineering
March 2104 – Graduated from Private Inada Academy of Higher Education, Faculty of Information Engineering, Major in Electronic Information Engineering

Work History

April 2104 – Entered MWPSB; Entered Public Safety Bureau’s Career Training Institute
September 2104 – Completed her training at Public Safety Bureau’s Career Training Institute
October 2104 – Assigned to MWPSB, Division 2 as an Inspector
February 2113 – Disposed of Ryogo Kozuki, Enforcer who fled from MWPSB
November 8, 2114 – Died in the line of duty


March 2104 – Obtained Driving License Type 1 for Regular Automobiles
December 2107 – Obtained Information Security Specialist License


Nobuchika Ginoza

Ginoza entered the CID the same time as her, thus the two have known one another for a long time and are are friends.  Being comfortable with one another, Ginoza has even had her visit him at his dormitory for drinks and conversation. Ginoza appears to be the most grieved one of the  CID after her death.

Ryogo Kozuki

Kozuki has been her subordinate for about 10 years, and it's implied in the novel version that the two are lovers at some point in time. During the Helmet Riots, Kozuki flees but is caught by Inspector Aoyanagi, who reluctantly kills him with Lethal Eliminator, causing Aoyanagi great grief.

Akane Tsunemori

Aoyanagi is a friend and colleague of Tsunemori. That said, she doesn't quite agree with her style of detective work and believes it to be reckless. "Dark cuisine" Chef Tsunemori once prepares instant noodles for her and adds vegetables and eggs to "make it taste better." It doesn't end well due to her poor cooking skills.[2][3]


  • She is designated as Balto 1 as an Inspector of Division 2.
  • Her ID is 00475-AEFD-98369-1.




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