My user name is luxartisan and my given name is Angelle. I answer to both. As the B-crat of this wiki, I look forward to working with everyone. I'm a hands-on admin and an active editor. Over time, things will be tweaked and oftentimes I ask for input from the membership as your opinions matter. However, final decisions are within the purview of the admins. Please do not take it personally. If something seems wrong to you, let's talk .

What follows are some basic editing rules for consistency:


1. ALL Categories must have admin approval. Categories without admin approval may be removed if not deemed necessary or seem duplicative or trivial.

2. Fanart, manipulated images and non-Psycho-Pass related images of any kind are disallowed on official pages of the wiki. They will be removed. You may, however, post them on your Profile page. ALL images should have a "destination" besides adding to Photos. High-res images trump low-res images that are duplicates.

3. The same applies to external links. Links to websites for the purpose of vending goods are strictly prohibited.

4. Images posted should be .jpg or .png. HD images are preferred but not mandatory; but all images should be as sharp as possible. If you wish to replace a low-res image with a high-res image, please be sure you are replacing it with an identical image of equal or better quality. If you can, please let me know so I can delete the older image from the Photo cache as redundant.

5. This wiki uses American spelling and grammar. Present tense is to be used in all articles. Edits in past tense will be amended.

6. Character names will be listed First Name/Last Name except in kanji, where they are presented in the traditional Japanese form of Family Name/Given Name. Diacritical markings (e.g. a line over a vowel to indicate pronunciation) are not required since proper pronunciation is assumed to be known to fans. For example: Kougami Shinya will be written as Shinya Kogami. This will apply throughout the wiki even if spelling is different in the manga.

7. Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated. Anyone who does so, will be permanently banned - no warnings, no exceptions. Persistent disregard for administrative rules will be addressed with a simple message on your userpage, once.

My goal is to make this wiki an accurate resource for fans, both old and new; and to do so while giving the wiki a consistent look with editing continuity, providing guidance to editors and keeping this wiki at the forefront of search engines (which we currently are). I am fair and polite but most definite about the direction of this wiki. I hope you join our team with a cooperative spirit.


Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk)

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