Division 3

From left to right: Tetsuya Hyodo, Moe Suzuki, Tsubaki Aikawa, Takayuki Haga, Shuichiro Domoto, and Kaname Shinjo.

This is the personnel of the MWPSB's Division 3.

The Inspectors of Division 3

The Inspector Shinya Kogami Arc
The Season 1 Arc
The Season 2 Arc

The Enforcers of Division 3


Enforcer Torii and Inspector Kogami of Division 3.

The Inspector Shinya Kogami Arc
The Psycho-Pass/Zero Arc
  • Mai Momota (former)
The Season 1 Arc
  • Takayuki Haga
  • Mai Momota (former)
  • Ayaka Takami (former)
  • Unnamed male Enforcer (former)
The Season 2 Arc

The Analysts of Division 3


  • The tactical number of this division is 108. It is written on the left shoulder of the Inspectors' blue jackets.[1] Division 3's paddy wagon also bears this number on its roof, at the stern of each side and on its back.[1][2][3]
  • Division 3 Inspectors' vehicles display the tactical number 309 (on its roof, its back wings and at the rear of its boot) when they are in intervention mode.[1]


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