Fallen - Egoist COVER

Fallen is the ending of Psycho-Pass 2. It is sung by EGOIST and was composed by Ryo of Supercell.


TV Version

All is calm, all is bright
sasayaku tenshi wa ochite
yasashiku hamu wa
anata no subete wo
It's my guilty
kizuku me wo mihiraiteru
hono aoi Concrete
tsumetaku watashi wo
Call my name and give me a kiss
soshite dakishimete
anata no inai sono karada de
hakidashita sono inochi wa
mada katachi wo nokoshiteiru wa akaku
azayaka na eien ga miete
tonari de sore wa utaidasu
What was I born for
ne watashi wo aishite
hanasanai kara

All is calm All is bright
優しく食むわ あなたの全てを
It's my guilty
気づく 目を見開いてる
Call my name and give me a kiss
What was I born for
ね 私を愛して

All is calm All is bright
A whispering fallen angel
Gently devours you, body and soul
It’s my guilty

You notice me
With your eyes wide open
A faint blue as lifeless as concrete
In a cold tone
Call my name and give me a kiss

And then hold me in the arms
of the empty shell that is your body

The soul that you’ve cast out
Has not yet completely vanished

I glimpse a vivid red eternity,
It starts singing right next to me
What was I born for

Come on, love me
Because I won’t let you go

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