Dime 4
Dime is a tan and white Siberian husky belonging to Nobuchika Ginoza


Dime is quite old but very reliable, and Ginoza sees him as a family member[1]. In fact, the dog is a gift from his grandmother, Akiho Ginoza, to keep his Psycho-Pass from worsening after his father becomes a latent criminal.[2]

The dog is allowed to stay with Ginoza even after the Division 1 Inspector is demoted to an Enforcer. He's kept in a clean, comfortable pen in the Enforcer's dormitory apartment, and Ginoza walks him on a treadmill.


  • Siberians are beautiful, athletic, and intelligent but also independent and challenging, requiring firm handling and oversight, as they are notorious for running and roaming free.
  • It may be speculated that Dime is either a reflection of his owner's state of being or that he is a canine version of Shinya Kogami, Ginoza's best friend, whose personality closely resembles that of the breed.
  • Dime is named after the very first coin in Ginoza's collection ‒ an American coin.[3]



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