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symptomatic person is a person whose cymatic scan fails to align with their criminal psychology. These individuals are difficult for the Sibyl System to judge as their Psycho-pass cannot be scanned nor read.


Criminally asymptomatic individuals tend to be dispassionate, possessing the ability to stay calm in any situation. Criminally Asymptomatics do not feel physical pain or stress, nor experience the emotions of loss or remorse. This allows them to control their Psycho-pass level at will as well as their Crime Coefficient.

Sibyl System

The Sibyl System is comprised of a hive-mind of the brains of criminally asymptomatic individuals which allows them to make unbiased judgements. As they tend to look at the world from an objective, external point of view, they are thought to create harmony and equality within Japanese society.


  • The idea of a criminally asymptomatic person resembles a doctrine from the Buddhist religion, the Annata.

Known Individuals

Misako Togane

Kozaburo Toma

Shogo Makishima

Akane Tsunemori

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