Omnipotence Paradox
Episode Information
Kanji 全能者のパラドクス
Rōmaji Zen'nō-sha no Paradokusu
Air date December 4, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
Episode Guide
Conception of the Oracle <AA>
Gauging the Soul

Omnipotence Paradox is the ninth episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


Having revealed the truth of the Sibyl System to Shimotsuki, with her Hue remaining clear, Sakuya Togane and his mother, who currently impersonates Kasei, decide to use her for the purpose of painting Tsunemori's Hue black. After eliminating Masuzaki, who knew too much about Kasei's identity, Togane tasks Shimotsuki with locating Tsunemori's grandmother, Aoi Tsunemori. Meanwhile, Tsunemori and the others learn of an official named Koichi Kuwashima, one of Kamui's friends who had escaped the plane accident. At that time Kuwashima helps Kamui exact his revenge on a company who benefitted from turning a blind eye to the incident ‒ "Season of Hell." When Tsunemori and the others arrive at the scene, which had already been set on fire, Kuwashima gives Tsunemori a box containing her grandmother's ear, angering her. As Saiga interrogates Kuwashima, Kamui starts making his next move by hijacking a subway train.


  • "What's the matter? Are you scared of me? You shouldn't feel that way. After all, I'm my mother's child... that is, a child of Sibyl. My will is society's will. My eyes are society's eyes. Since you vowed to respect the law, you cannot deny me... no matter how much you despise latent criminals." — Sakuya Togane to Mika Shimotsuki