Transparent Shadow
Episode Information
Kanji 透明な影
Rōmaji Tōmei na Kage
Air date February 14, 2013
Opening Out of Control
Ending All Alone With You
Episode Guide
Promises Written in Water
The Place Where Justice is Found

Transparent Shadow is the nineteenth episode of Psycho-Pass.


Ginoza, whose Hue is now problematic, eschews intensive therapy in order to work on retrieving Kogami and Makishima. He argues with Masaoka over his "softness," and declares his intention to see his "obsession" through to the end. Kogami, meanwhile, goes to visit Saiga in order to figure out Makishima's next move; the two surmising that Makishima might attempt to meddle with Japan's food supply in order to force open borders for the country. Karanomori does her best to comfort Tsunemori and Kasei connects with the Sibyl System to determine their new "pawn." Later, Tsunemori is contacted by Sibyl directly, who declares that it will tell her the truth about everything.