Return of the Lunatic Prince
Episode Information
Kanji 狂王子の帰還
Rōmaji Kyōōji no Kikan
Air date November 16, 2012
Opening Abnormalize
Ending Monster Without a Name
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Nobody Knows Your Face
The Language of the Chinese Orchid

Return of the Lunatic Prince is the sixth episode of Psycho-Pass.


Ginoza and his team theorize that a mastermind might have influenced the murderous actions of two recent suspects by essentially providing them with the ability and motivation to carry out their deadly desires. Kogami sees eerie similarities between these cases and the earlier unsolved case that got him demoted to Enforcer which also resulted the grotesque death of his Enforcer, Mitsuru Sasayama. Meanwhile, Tsunemori seeks out more information on Kogami from Kagari and Karanomori and learns about Sasayama and the cold case known as the Specimen Case. At a girls' boarding school, Rikako Oryo, the enigmatic president of the art club, ensnares an unsuspecting victim and mutilates her corpse into a work of "art" under the tutelage of the evident mastermind, Makishima.


  • Kanehara's prisoner number is 077.
  • In the Literature class of Yoshika Okubo, one of Rikako Oryo's victims, Okubo is reading Twelfth Night (1601), a comedy by William Shakespeare about a young woman falling in love with another young woman who is disguised as a man, a veiled reference to the homosexual orientation of Okubo towards Oryo.


  • "Anyway... How can you drink so much and still be okay?" Shusei Kagari to Akane Tsunemori
    • "You just get drunk too easily" — Akane Tsunemori's reply
  • "But if you really loved her as if she was your own daughter, would you too say... "Kill'd her, for whom my tears have made me blind." as Titus did?" — Shogo Makishima to Rikako Oryo
    • "Oh, that'd be a problem... because I still have many more drawings to complete in the future." — Rikako Oryo's reply